Happy Truckers Appreciation Day!

By: Brandon Baxter - Staff Writer
Posted: Oct 4th 2023
A simple thank you is never enough. One more time, before the end of 2023, we extend our gratitude in the direction of those truckers who go above and beyond the call of duty. Every. Single. Day. Happy Truckers Appreciation day from ExpeditersOnline.com....

Getting Into Expedite

By: Brandon Baxter - Staff Writer
Posted: Oct 2nd 2023
So, you want to be an expediter, do you? The expedite industry has witnessed a recent infusion of renewed interest in driving opportunities, but driver training programs need additional resources and instructors to handle the influx of such folks who are eager to join the party. This has shown to prove consistent within both independent driver training schools and carriers that have their own training programs. What Exactly Does This Mean? Expedite carriers typically will wor...

The Latest on Truck Parking

By: Brandon Baxter - Staff Writer
Posted: Sep 25th 2023
During a visit to South Dakota, kicking off National Driver Appreciation Week, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg met with truckers and addressed their continued call for improved truck parking. The visit was intended to announce more than $80 million in funding to improve access to truck parking and advance highway safety nationwide. The funding is part of President Joe Biden's bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), and will help expand access to truc...


By: Brandon Baxter - Staff Writer
Posted: Oct 30th 2023
***ANOTHER UPDATE*** The United Auto Workers union and Jeep maker Stellantis reached a tentative contract agreement this past Saturday. The deal, which still must be ratified by members, left only GM without an agreement with the union. Until today, that is. Details are still to come, but it's being reported that GM and the UAW have also reached a tentative deal that will effectively put to rest the coordinated strikes which began on September 15th. The Stellantis deal is sai...

Driver Appreciation Week 2023

By: Brandon Baxter - Staff Writer
Posted: Sep 8th 2023
A simple "thank you" will never be enough. I mean, what really can be said to the men and women who spend hours, days, weeks, and months away from their families while keeping America's gears grinding in a forward motion? This is Driver Appreciation Week, September 10th through the 16th. It's a week where we, as the transportation industry, aim to recognize the collective trucking and driving community as a way of saying thank you for the jobs they perform on our behalf. I'm ...

Brake Safety Week is Here!

By: Brandon Baxter - Staff Writer
Posted: Aug 21st 2023
Safety in trucking should always be taken seriously. As a recruiter, I've spent years pouring over the driving backgrounds and Motor Vehicle Records (MVRs) of many a commercial driver. This also includes the all-powerful Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP), which details a driver's Out-of-Service (OOS) records among many other things. One of the easiest ways to determine if a driver would qualify to drive for a specific company is to dissect the PSP in an attempt to unders...

Come Meet Our Exhibitors and Speakers!

By: Brandon Baxter - Staff Writer
Posted: Jul 17th 2023
The world thrives on connections and networking, and attending industry-specific events and expos is an excellent way to foster those connections. The 2023 Expedite Expo and Crossroads of America Trucking Shows are no different, in that they offer a golden opportunity for industry professionals and expediting enthusiasts to directly engage with all types of exhibiting companies and carriers. Entering its 22nd year, and being held July 21st and 22nd in Fort Wayne, Indiana, thi...

Infrastructure Investments Announced

By: Brandon Baxter - Staff Writer
Posted: Jul 2nd 2023
Since taking office, the Biden administration has made infrastructure development a key priority. With ongoing efforts to revitalize America's aging infrastructure and bolster the economy, the Department of Transportation (DOT) recently announced an impressive allocation of $2.2 billion in funding for 162 infrastructure projects across the country. This type of heavy investment marks a crucial step in the administration's mission to create a more resilient, efficient, and sus...

Planning Around the I-95 Bridge Collapse

By: Brandon Baxter - Staff Writer
Posted: Jun 26th 2023
*At the time of publication, the bridge has partially opened. In the aftermath of the I-95 bridge collapse in Northeast Philadelphia, the region's trucking community has already been drastically impacted. With this crucial artery cut off for a seemingly undetermined amount of time, it is imperative that truck drivers stay informed, modify their strategies, and adapt their operations to maintain quality service and productivity. Stay Informed While most in the expedite world m...

Update on the Truck Parking Bill

By: Brandon Baxter - Staff Writer
Posted: Jun 12th 2023
A major concern for truckers is time that's being wasted as they forage for a spot to rest their truck, trailer, and self. Load One CEO and immediate past chairman of TCA (Truckload Carriers Association), John Elliott, has been an integral voice speaking on behalf of the beleaguered trucker. John says, "you look at driver satisfaction and safety, the average driver wastes about an hour just looking for a parking spot." He adds, "you could be the CEO of a company making big mo...

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