Best of 2018: The Top 10 Articles on

By: Sean M. Lyden - Staff writer
Posted: Jan 7th 2019
Benjamin Franklin put it best when he said, "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." And one resource that can help you generate a high return on your time investment in expanding your industry and business knowledge is (EO). So, what were the most-read articles on EO to help you grow your business this past year? What were the most popular topics? In case you missed any of them, here are the Top 10 EO articles for 2018. #1. How to Succeed as ...

Fleet Owner Conversations: Carol Shelton

By: Sean M. Lyden - Staff Writer
Posted: Dec 24th 2018
Meet Carol Shelton. Before getting into expedited trucking in 2010, Carol ran a freelance bookkeeping business from her home, while her husband Joe worked as a sales and technical trainer in the convenience store industry. The couple drove for a fleet owner for several months before they purchased their first truck in early 2011. And then, in 2013, they bought two more trucks to become fleet owners themselves. Today, Carol and Joe manage a fleet of nine straight trucks at R2R...

Security Strategies: Best Practices for Preventing Cargo Theft

By: Sean M. Lyden - Staff Writer
Posted: Dec 17th 2018
When expedite owner-operators Bob and Linda Caffee arrived at a customer's site one evening to deliver a load in Charlotte, N.C., something didn't feel right. "Their gates were open, and when we drove in, it looked odd," Linda recalls. "Something just wasn't right, but we couldn't put our finger on what it was. So, we turned around and went probably about 20 miles to a truck stop." And it's a good thing they did. In the morning, when the Caffees went back to the site to deli...

11-Point Checklist for Preparing Your Truck for Winter

By: Sean M. Lyden - Staff Writer
Posted: Nov 19th 2018
Is your truck ready for winter? If not, the last thing you want to happen is to be stuck on the side of the road in bitterly cold conditions, especially for an issue that could have been avoided with proper planning. So what can you do to prepare your truck to reduce the risk of downtime, improve truck safety, and be as productive-and profitable-as possible during the harsh winter months? Veteran expediter Bob Caffee recently put together a great video where he starts underne...

From Owner-Operator to Fleet Owner: How to Make a Smooth Transition

By: Sean M. Lyden - Staff Writer
Posted: Nov 5th 2018
"If you buy a truck, I'll run it for you." These words from a friend changed the trajectory of Donna Sleasman's career in expedited trucking in 2014. Sleasman, who had started in long-haul trucking in the early 1980's, became an expedite owner-operator in 2000 and continued in that role for the next fourteen years. Then in early 2014, a friend told Sleasman about her frustration with the way her current fleet owner was treating her and challenged Sleasman to buy another truc...

6 Pro Tips for Making Truck Tires Last

By: Sean M. Lyden - Staff Writer
Posted: Nov 12th 2018
As an expedite owner-operator or fleet owner, the quality and condition of your truck tires directly impact driver safety, fuel economy, and your profitability. But how can you maintain your tires so that you can get the most life out of them? EO reached out to David Pressley, manager of Michelin North America's Customer Engineering Support for insight. Here's what he says you need to do to keep your tires on the road longer. #1. Tire PressureThis might be the most obvious ti...

Why We Chose a Tractor-Trailer for Expediting: Tom and Tina Evans

By: Sean M. Lyden - Staff Writer
Posted: Oct 29th 2018
This article is the first installment of a three-part series to introduce you to each type of vehicle typically used for expediting. The next two articles in the series will address "Why I Chose a Straight Truck" and "Why I Chose a Cargo Van." It's common to see expediters get into the business with a smaller vehicle, like a straight truck or cargo van. And for veteran expediters Tom and Tina Evans, that's how they got their start-with straight trucks. They bought their firs...

Fleet Owner Conversations: David Mayfield

By: Sean M. Lyden
Posted: Oct 8th 2018
Meet David Mayfield. David comes from a long line of family members who have worked in the transportation industry. But it was his uncle, Scott Mayfield, who introduced him to expedited trucking, taking him on a run to deliver water tanks for Roberts Express (now FedEx Custom Critical) in 1994. Then in early 1995, David bought his first straight truck to become one of the youngest owner-operators at Roberts Express at age 25. A couple of years later, he bought his second truc...

Risky Business: 4 Insurance Mistakes Owner-Operators Should Avoid

By: Sean M. Lyden - Staff Writer
Posted: Sep 17th 2018
When you got into the expedited trucking business, you had visions of all the exciting possibilities if things went according to plan. You're the one calling the shots, earning good income, traveling the country with your spouse. But, of course, not everything goes according to plan, right? Murphy's Law kicks in. You're involved in a crash. The cargo gets stolen. Your carrier goes out of business. So, when "stuff happens," how can you ensure you're prepared to handle it to k...

Show Recap: A Packed House at Expedite Expo 2018

By: Sean M. Lyden - Staff Writer
Posted: Sep 10th 2018
If attendance at Expedite Expo is any indicator of the health of the expedited trucking sector, then business is good right now. That's because it was a packed house for the 18th year for Expedite Expo, the only industry event focused exclusively on the expedited trucking sector, which was held on July 20 to 21 at the Lexington Center in Lexington, Ky. "When exhibitors and attendees ask me if I thought the show was a success, I always turn that question back to them," says L...

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