Bring on Truck Driver Barbie

By: Brandon Baxter - Staff Writer
Posted: Dec 18th 2023

For decades now, the Barbie doll has been a symbol of female empowerment for young girls all over the world, demonstrating through various professions that they can aspire to be anything they set their minds to. Barbie has undoubtedly been an inspiration for generations and will surely continue to be just that as the years roll on.

However, one crucial profession Barbie has yet to explore is that of the wonderful world of truck driving. Recognizing that women certainly play a significant role in the trucking industry, where they currently make up 14% of the workforce, a new initiative is aiming to highlight women's contributions to the industry and inspire young girls to consider careers in transportation by forging ahead with a "Barbies in Trucking" campaign.

A Truck Driving Woman's Reaction

The "Barbies in Trucking" campaign is already gaining massive support, and Jackie Rocha of Millennials In Trucking has shared some of her thoughts on this initiative to convince Barbie's toymaker, Mattel, to move ahead with the Truck Driver Barbie.

"Mattel has touched every corner of transportation from rail to air and sea but has somehow missed the mark when it comes to land, i.e. the trucking industry," says Rocha. "It's baffling to me, especially considering that the latest data has shown that 8.4 million people employed throughout the economy are in jobs that relate to the transportation sector. It's literally one of the largest occupations in the country."

Jackie goes on to point out that there have been plenty of blue collar-type Barbies over the years, like plumber or construction Barbie, and says that Mattel is "no doubt overdue for a trucker Barbie."

So, What's the Hold-Up?

The trucking industry is a vital lifeline to the economy, connecting communities and ensuring that needed goods reach their destinations in an efficient manner. The "Barbies in Trucking" campaign will aim to break gender stereotypes, promote diversity, and encourage young girls to dream big, fostering a future where women play an even more significant role in the transportation sector.

"I genuinely can't wait for the day that I can hand the children in my family a toy that represents myself, who I am, and what I do for a living," states Rocha. "This could be something that shows young women, not only the ones in my life but all across the country, that they too can drive a truck or have a career in the transportation industry."

Sign the Petition

To sign the petition and learn more about the "Barbies in Trucking" campaign, please visit this link to Help Launch Truck Driver Barbie.

And just imagine, a truck driver Barbie complete with all the accessories, including a Barbie truck and trailer that can carry all the Barbies! And being that this is the holiday season, Mattel has already missed the boat on dispatching such a launch before this year's Christmas comes to a close. But signing the petition and getting behind such a fun and important initiative might just lead to Barbie hauling next year's Christmas presents to a decorated tree near you!

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