Tis the season

'Tis the Season to be Prepared

By: Brandon Baxter - Staff Writer
Posted: Dec 11th 2023

Once again, it's that time of year when we head out into the shops and stores in search of the best possible gifts for the ones we love. It's the holiday season, after all! And whether you prefer to do your spending whilst braving the wilds of malls and department stores on Black Friday, or you've adopted the far less stressful route of online present pursuance, I figured it might be nice to share some ideas for gift considerations. I've always appreciated a gift that someone's put some thought into, especially when it's a practical gift that shows the giver cares.

As the weather will worsen throughout much of the country, it's a good idea to consider some practical gifts that the most beloved trucker in your life would find useful as well as thoughtful. Having some sort of emergency items on standby in case something unforeseen were to happen on the road would be some real ideal gift giving this holiday season.

Check out some of the items below that would make even the toughest driver blush with gratitude when they unwrap such a considerate gift.

Tobfit LED Road Flares

It seems that there's news every day about some poor soul who was struck by another motorist along the side of the road, all while trying to alert the driving public of an emergency ahead. The Tobfit LED Road Flares will help ease any concerns of potential roadside danger. With nine different flash settings, these ultra-bright lights can be seen from up to a mile away. These lights are outfitted with neodymium magnets so that they can be attached directly to the truck or trailer, and they can also double as a flashlight! Find a six-pack of these LED Road Flares for $32.99 on Amazon.

BlackCanyon Outfitters Safety Vest

This vest, coupled with safety gloves, are perfect attire for any roadside emergency that requires providing high visibility protection for the trucker. Both the vest and gloves feature reflective strips and fluorescent green material for better visibility during the day and night and other low-light conditions. The vest is made of 100% polyester mesh material making it lightweight and versatile, and the gloves feature a split cowhide leather palm which provides extra durability and protection. Find this at any travel center.

SOL (Survive Outdoors Longer) Emergency Blanket

How many times has your favorite driver told you about an instance when their truck wasn't running, and they had no heat? Or that their truck broke down, but they needed to stay in the vehicle for a few nights? Those nights can get extremely cold in the winter. Well, the SOL (Survive Outdoors Longer) Emergency Blanket would definitely come in handy in those situations. Depend on the most advanced emergency blanket on the market, meticulously designed to never fail when you're counting on it with your life. Made from vacuum-metalized polyethylene Heatsheets, it reflects 90% of your body heat to help you stay warm. It resists tearing and won't shred like Mylar blankets if nicked or punctured. Find this on Amazon for $11.49.

Emergency Radio

In the event your over-the-roader has lost the ability to maneuver their rig through the snow and ice, leaving them stranded with little to alert them as to the weather conditions ahead. Then having an emergency radio at the ready would be a terrific tool in their mobile toolshed. This combination of radio (AM, FM, NOAA), flashlight, reading lamp, and phone charger, could be considered the Swiss Army knife of radios! And for just $29.99 on Amazon, it can also be the best gift a trucker could hope to receive.

Gifting presents like gaming systems and fancy electronics are all good and fun but giving something that shows you care for your person means even more. There's plenty more to find out there if you're really in the giving mood. In the meantime, happy shopping!

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